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Well, you came to this site, you might as well find out a little about me. Not that I plan on revealing too much. Not that you care. Anyway, I'm just some dude. I play guitar, I make websites and a bunch of other crap. Boring. Okay, I'll get right down to it. I am 25 years old, I live in Minnesota (yes it's cold, quit asking) and I don't have a girlfriend. My friends are cool, work sucks and I have no money. There, you know about as much as my mom. I will, however, give you my email address, just in case you want to offer me some free shit, advice, hookers, or you want to tell me about exciting new products. I'm kidding about that last; I HATE spam, commercials, telemarketing and anything related to it, so do yourself a favor and never, ever spam me or I will hate you forever and tell all my friends that you and your shitty company are a bunch of rotten, goat-fucking bastards who should not be left alone with children...or goats.

That said, if you still want to contact me, you may do so at the following email address:

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