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Places I go to. Virtually, of course. You should find hours of entertainment here, if you bother to check thoroughly. I'm a big believer in links. They make the internet work. Beyond stating the obvious, I think the best surfing is done when one site leads to another and that one leads to another, and so on. It's like catching the perfect cyberwave.


Trees Eat People - my band's website

Tim's Mad Art Page - you guessed it; this page is where to find all of my so-called artwork.

How to Start a Peaceful Revolution - my page about nonviolently asserting your rigths; political & social awareness are key

All Music Guide - an encylopedia of music info. You can find out info on tons of bands, songs, albums & more.

MacInTouch - Great site for Mac info

MacCentral - Up to the minute Mac news

93x - MN Rock station. Good rock news & free e-mail

Rolling Stone - you know the magazine, check out the virtual version with great music news and downloadables.

WookieFoot - I love these guys! Awesome tunes; fun concerts

Internet Movie Database - The best movie site on the web

The Onion - Hilarious stuff!

BBspot - Good satire

Get Your War On - Gut-busting comics about the current wars

This Modern World - Another excellent political comic by Tom Tomorrow

AlterNet - Hard-nosed alternative news site (i.e. non-corporate news)

IndyMedia - Amazing de-centralized, worldwide non-corporate news

Slashdot - News for nerds. Discussion for geeks.

The Register - Odd UK techie news site.

VersionTracker - Find & download the latest version of any piece of software

CraigsList - a multi-community bulletin board system. Choose your city and then browse the jobs, classified and discussion forums.


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